Fishtail palm propagation? (I need to see how tall the other elements in the room are before I decide on the drapery length.). We even walk by and brushed up against them to get to our pump house. Living Room Upgrades: Mixing Modern & Traditional & Rug Help. And studies have shown that shade trees like the Fishtail Palm not only cool the air around them but can also reduce heating bills 20 to 50% with their shade. The only concern I still have is about the wind. The term ‘urens’ means ‘stinging’ in Latin, referring to the fruit of the palm which is a skin irritant. This elegant … Since the leaves that are shaped like the tail of fish the name stuck around as ‘fishtail’. Thank you very much for any advice you can give me! I would like to see what it looks like to switch the position of the palm painting and the 3 wall hangings currently at the right of the fireplace. Though I really do like what you have going on in that corner right now - just thinking out loud..... Tapestry or silk lined curtains from ceiling to floor and the large windows just put draperies on each side and a swag up, across and down to floor with beaded trim. Then you can pick drapery color and start forming everything around that. Is there an ideal time to plant this kind of palm? I'm in a valley so I'm probably ok, but I'm going to talk with my husband more about this factor. You can never get tired of looking at Fishtail palm, a palm that looks like a bush, with unusual ragged leaves. Let the soil dry slightly … 20 years' use of a stunningly beautiful tree would be worth the trouble to me. LMK ~ Suzi :). I'm relatively new to gardening and need some advice. Fishtail Palms Containers. I'm actually not concerned about the eventual removal. This clustering palm is known for quick growth and does well both indoors and outside. So careful! I didnt do my home work around 10 or 12 years ago when we planted them and they are too close to the house and hindering a large oak. Gently pull on the cutting a few weeks to see if it … I'm no Fishpalm expert but if they sucker..then there not C.urens but C.mitis.And I wonder how well those giant maxima do in winds? The art above the fireplace is too solid when the fireplace is already so large. However, the flowering period of a fishtail palm can span five to seven years. Caryota maxima and ochlandra look pretty similar. Sterilize the pruner with bleach and water after use and spray with WD 40 for it to keep its sharpness as well as … 1 decade ago. And nothing is merched or styled yet, like the mantle, and the nut bucket on the table. Originating in Southeast Asia, the Fishtail Palm is an eye catching choice to enhance any Tampa area landscape. This unit should be taller than the fireplace. The length of the stem does not matter with regard to propagation, but in general should be at least 12 inches long. Finding the right chairs takes some time. is this correct? This varies from most other palms, which start flowering while young and continue to do so. Spreading weird. Feed your fishtail once a month, use an all-purpose liquid fertilizer for palms. is this correct? IE: painting etc.. for over fire place, something that catches your eye and you love. It sounds like Gigas is what I want, correct? Propagation: The Fishtail Palm is propagated by seed and can also be propagated by division of clumps and separation of suckers from the parent clump. They are huge and grew extremely fast. A brown and off-white print would be one way to maintain the warmth of the room and bring in the white in the kitchen cabinets. (I assume that would be better for sound quality.) Answer Save. 10 years ago. Growing fishtail palm trees indoors is relatively easy as long as you provide the right conditions. ~ Suzi :), Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the,, Propagating jasmine sambac (double flower). I am cutting down 3 that are 20ft tall as i type. No need to register, buy now! naien Capistrano Beach, CA(Zone 10a) Jun 14, 2005. naien, There are about 50 different forms of Fishtail palms and about 12 of them are well-known. However, the TV wall is weak. More. The scientific name for the Fishtail palm is Caryota. While fishtail palm berries won't kill, they can leave a child in discomfort for several days. Frankfurt | Seit 1996 | Einzigartige Architektur die begeistert! Mehr erfahren. If you decide to give it a go, plant the tree in a pot with enough room to accommodate massive growth. Luckily, the spot I'm eyeing is very large, and it's accessible for the eventual removal. A Fishtail Palm, native to Indonesia, Asia, and the South Pacific, is a large plant that even as a houseplant or office plant can grow as tall as 6-10 ft. tall and 3-5 ft wide. I love fishtail palms (the variety that grows from one trunk rather than the bushier variety) because it won't take up much floor space, but the palm fronds float above the room. Cut off the stem near the base of the palm using loppers or a machete if the stem is larger than 2 inches in diameter. The Fishtail palms have bipinnate (twice-compound or twice-pinnate) leaves. These palms send excuses riding off into the tropical sunset. Caryota mitis is a shrimpy suckering version that in So Cal is almost always a sad looking plant... better in the tropics. Trim off browned leaf stems as needed. Is it going to be ok near a playhouse? After lots of research, I've decided on the "Fishtail Palm"(Caryota gigas?). After lots of research, I've decided on the "Fishtail Palm"(Caryota gigas?). Over-feeding the plant can also be harmful and fatal if not remedied early. Looking at your photos, I'm sure that Caryota gigas is the one I want. thanks for any input. The unusual leaves give the plant a very distinctive appearance. A well grown C urens is a beauty, though and will amaze everyone in your neighborhood. Relevance. Watch Reply. ah - i knew it. As for types of Fishtails, there are several main looks... Caryota urens-like fishtails are tall, very fast growing and thin in overall profile. New trees grow from the "mother trees". Dust the end of the cutting with rooting hormone. I've found a great local resource (in San Diego area), and am ready to commit, but had a few quick questions before I proceed... 1) SKIN IRRITATION?A kids playhouse will be somewhat near the tree. One of the more widely known species is Caryota urens, the flowers of which are used to make one type of jaggery (an unrefined sugar), and also to make palm wine. Did some searching and it does appear to be a Queen palm. Caryota javanica Zipp. Fishtail Palm. I think a live tree is a great idea, but you need a taller one. The Fishtail Palm is one of the best (considered by many) the best hedge plant available today, not only for its dense coverage, but also for its durability. Use a general-purpose potting mix with good drainage, because these trees like it on the drier side. Keep reading to find out how to grow fishtail palms. IM IN FLORIDA AND HAVE 5 YR OLD 30' FISHTAIL FORMING A "WALL" AROUNDMY POOLSCREEN. But I'm wondering if moving the chair from right to left would be an option ?? Colours and shapes What you notice immediately about Fishtail palm is the feathered, triangular green leaf that looks a bit like a fishtail, giving the plant the nickname fishtail palm. This means that there is a main leaf stem on a Fishtail Palm but the leaves come off of a secondary stem. The Fishtail palm is an attractive flowering plant with fishtail-shaped leaves. 3) BEST TIME TO PLANT?I was originally going to plant it in the Fall (since I'm still working on my yard), but my husband pointed out that if we plant it now, it might get some height over the summer (moving us closer to our ideal height). I thought for sure there would be one, looked, yep... Good Luck! It takes around 4-6 months to germinate. Fishtail Palm 12'OA. Mark unread; Skip to new; Mark unread Print Skip to new. Why is my lady palm not growing upright or together? Fishtail Palm Field Grown. Find the perfect fishtail palm stock photo. But my goal is to get to antique chairs in need of reupholstering and find some great fabric to incorporate those ideas. I will put final photos when all is complete (in about a year ; ) - but yes, right now the clutter remains as we are still very much in medias res. The Fishtail Palm grows into a largely sized palm quickly, so you will not have to wait too long to create a mature site with this beautiful single-stemmed palm with arching, dark green leaves! Add top soil or peat humus to the hole when planting a fishtail palm tree. It would be more prepared in the event that this coming winter is cold, and it usually doesnt start to grow fast until its second year so it could spend this year establishing itself so next year when your yard is more complete, it will be ready to grow nicely. Our faux Fishtail Palm Trees come in a range of styles and sizes, so you can be assured that there’s one that will fit in gracefully in your design scheme. Below are some Caryota pics... first is of some Caryota urens in San Diego Zoo, with a Caryota gigas seedling to the right of the photo for comparison. Caryota is a genus of palm trees.They are often known as fishtail palms because of the shape of their leaves. The whole thing should start with something you find which will be your inspiration. I recently read that Fishtail palms contain skin irritants, which saddens me since I really had my heart set on this palm. Mein Benutzererlebnis mit Cookies anpassen, Celebrate a Sunny Climate With the Right Leafy Palm for Your Site, Washingtonia robusta not growing properly, Lady palm - Rhapis excelsa declining, please help. The fishtail palm produces flower stalks that can grow to as long as two feet. Caryota nana Linden Caryota propinqua Blume ex Mart. A note about Caryotas in dry, windy climates (So Cal)- these things blow over all the time and can literally crush a house. Fishtail palm. HOW DEEP DO THE ROOTS OF CARYOTA URENS GO? Thanks for your comments and input everyone. Palms are monocots - no secondary root growth. I dont think its that bad of a skin irritant unless you have very sensitive skin. Pfeil Palm Carving Tools If so, how long will it take to grow to a large shady canopy (assuming I start with a 15 gallon)? It could use a much wider and taller unit. One species to avoid is the Formosa palm tree, also known as the dwarf sugar palm or Taiwanese sugar palm. For ease, I too like the idea of a larger bolder painting on that wall. It still has those nice unusual fronds and looks very nice. This palm is commonly known as the Striped Fishtail Palm and the patterns on its petioles are similar to those of Caryota ophiopelis but even more striking and ornamental. Avoid over-watering the cutting until its roots are established, as you may give the cutting too much soil and cause it to rot. Enjoy these beauties for many years because these palms have been known to live up to 50 to 60 years! Caryota griffithii var. USES . great... i just have to find some offshoots... anyone have any? and to think that the fishtail palm is monocarpic; it dies after it flower. I've found a great local resource (in San Diego area), and am ready to commit, but had a few quick questions before I proceed... 1) SKIN IRRITATION?

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